This is the Sea or Blue Desert : Sea from BTS

How the way you know this is the one you want to do, or the one you have to do?

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Inspiration from Sea of BTS : Hidden Pain that express their feelings through their song

I wrote this story while I cried … this is hard for me and this lyrics always explain BTS’s feeling about his hardship and result of their numerous years’ blood, sweat and tears till their reached the apex of their career it’s so hard until this day and I can touched it, I think I’m so much sensitives for this thing I always respect all of hardness thing hardness feel

I really touched it and respect ALWAYS!

Ocean, Desert and the World Everything is the same thing in different name , Can see Ocean see Desert see the World but it’s same thing and different name

You have to use your life again…

“ I just started walking and ended up at the sea…
I’m looking at the coast from here
The sand and the rough wind
I’m still looking at the desert
I wanted to have the sea so I swallowed you up…
But I’m even thirstier than before
Is what I know really the ocean?
Or a blue desert? ” RM Part

“ I don’t know, I don’t know…
Is this the sea or the desert?
Is this hope or despair?
Is this real or fake? shit!

I know, I know, open me up
It’s the place I can rely on
Think positive, I’m swallowing my dry spit
Even if I’m nervous, even if I’m in a desert
I’m in the beautiful Namib Desert ” J-Hope Part

Where there is hope, there is always hardship

this is the hook of this song that BTS sing loop of this sentence 4 times

and…. they say

You know you know you know?

“ I thought this was the ocean but it’s a desert…
A medium-sized, ordinary idol was my second name
Countless people get cut from broadcast
But someone’s empty spot is our dream

They say some of these kids can’t make it because their agency is too small
I know, I know, I know too
Times when the seven of us had to sleep in one room (the number of BTS’s member)

With foolish hope that tomorrow will be different before we fell asleep

We saw the mirage in the desert but we couldn’t grasp it
Praying that we’ll remain in this desert till the end
Praying that this isn’t truly our reality

In the end, we reached the mirage and it became our reality
The scary desert became the ocean with our blood, sweat and tears
But why is there this fear in between the happiness?

Because we know too well that this place is really a desert” SUGA Part

I think Suga’s part makes me lots of tear I touch this sentence “With foolish hope that tomorrow will be different before we fell asleep” I think all of us had a hardship situation or weird and unexpected situations but that enhanced our maturity …

We can pass it if you choose it already… I don’t know someone had a situation like this, and how the way they pass it, but I know something…

You are not alone in this world,

Don’t get other’s success undermine your mind you can success too,

if you think this way it’s hard and not belong to you you will do it well if you trust yourself you can pass it well too

and Keep going, listen to your heart, people always keep talking but trust me, those dialogues mean nothing to you.

I know you do it well : )

HOPE always here for you, in front of you and depend on you… do you want to keep it or release…

“ Ocean, desert, the world
Everything, the same thing
Different name
I see ocean, l see desert
I see the world
Everything’s, the same thing
With a different name
It’s life again ”

Where there is hope, there is always despair
Where there is hope, there is always despair

We need to be in despair, for all our hardships
We need to be in despair, for all our hardships

If you want to listen this song I really want you to buy their album name “Love Yourself : Her” if you listen on their real CD that be always perfect more than another source because I listening this song on CD : )

Thank you for reading my story really thank you no matter who you are I really to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Photo by Omar Rodriguez on Unsplash

Writer : HipHOPE, haru_hiphope, Haru khim,poemofhope

Thank to Credit : Lyrics



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